Диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса по учебнику Spotlight


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  1. Choose the correct item

    1. This school … in the 1960s.

    1. was built b) built c) had built

    1. $When we don’t water flowers they …

    1. will die b) die c) are dying

    1. $Sam has always been interested in the stars and planets; that’s why he chose to study …

    1. Astronomy b) Chemistry c) History

    1. There have been many reported … of Bigfoot all over the world.

    1. illusions b) sights c) sightings

    1. We can’t log on to the Internet because there is a problem with our phone …

    1. server b) line c) drive

    1. creatures such as dragons and sea-monsters often appear in European folklore.

    1. Op$tical b) Mythical c) Extinct

    1. Why don’t you take part in the cooking …

    1. contest b) parade c) march

    1. Tom likes helping around the house, but he hates to … the rubbish out.

    1. take b) have c) do


    1. We always sing Christmas carols, as it is a …. tradit$ion in my family.

    1. bad b) strong c) usual

    1. Take off your shoes before going into the kitchen; Mum has just …. the floor.

    1. mop b) clean c) paint

    1. The children saw Disney floats at this colourful … parade.

    1. street b) town c) monthly

    1. Frank … for three hours without break, so he decided to stop somewhere to rest.

    1. drove b) had been driving c) was driving


    1. The film … at 8:00, so we have plenty of time to get to the cinema.

    1. starts b) is starting c) has started

    1. The … we leave, the less traffic we’ll find in the street.

    1. early b) earlier c) earliest

    1. $Jack spends a lot of time on his computer …. with his online friends.

    1. chatting b) telling c) texting

  2. Read the text and mark the statements below it as T (true), F (false) or Ns (Not stated)

Pop Art

$What is art? In the 1960s a collection of artist made that question even more difficult to answer. They created Pop Art, a style of art that represented everybody’s everyday experiences. Pop artist were fascinated by realistic images from everyday life that everybody saw. One element of life they noticed was that almost all people are consumers who buy and use millions of different things every day. As a result, many Pop artists used images of products from the supermarket or advertisements in their works.

The most famous Pop artist was the American Andy Warhol. Warhol painted products like Campbell’s Soup, Coca Cola bottles and bananas. He also painted other everyday images. For example, his bright portraits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, the famous actress, became very fashionable. The British Pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi collected pictures and advertisements from magazines to $use in his works. Another well – liked Pop artist was Roy Lichtenstein. Instead of using products or advertisements, most of his works were similar to images in the comic books that children read every day.

Many people in the art world do not accept Pop Art as a real art from. They can’t see why a dull painting of an ordinary can of soup should be part of an art exhibition. However,$ many original Pop Art works have sold for millions of dollars. Many works have also appeared on music album covers. All in all, the most important result of Pop Art is that it has created a new artistic way of looking at the everyday world.

1. Pop art was only in America. ………..

2. All Pop artists used images of products in their works. ………

3. Palozzi was only famous in Britain. ……..

$4. Marilyn Monroe was a Pop artist who painted celebrities. ……..

5. Pop Art hasn’t been very popular with some people. ……….


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