Диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 5 класса по учебнику Spotlight


Name: Class: Date:

  1. $

    Choose the correct item

  1. I …. new to the school.

  1. is b) are c) am

  1. Who’s Kathy? She’s Laura’s ….

  1. father b) brother c) mother

  1. Mr. Williams is a …. He always delivers letters.

  1. postman b) baker c) taxi driver

  1. What time is it? It’s half … six.

  1. after b) before c) past

  1. Sam wears … in summer because it’s hot.

  1. $trousers b) shorts c) coats

  1. I’m American. I’m from …

  1. the UK b) the USA c) Italy

  1. There’s a painting … the wall.

  1. on b) in c) to

  1. My baby sister …. walk yet. She’s only one.

  1. can b) can’t c)don’t

  1. David has a new …. in his kitchen.

  1. cooker b) wardrobe c) sofa

  1. $I take picture with my …

  1. DVD b) camera c) watch

  1. Fred is short and …

  1. tall b) long c) fat

  1. are his trainers.

  1. these b) this c) that

  1. What are you … now?

  1. does b) do c) doing


  1. We eat breakfast in the …

  1. afternoon b) morning c) evening

  1. Sarah and I are friends. … go to school together.

  1. they b) we c) you

  1. How are you? ……..!

  1. Fine, thanks b) See you c) Goodbye

  1. There … five rooms in my flat.

  1. is b) are c) isn’t

  1. Miss Smith has got … atlas on her desk.

  1. $a b) two c) an

  1. Have …. got a pen?

  1. I b) you c) she

  1. My mum washes the dishes in the …

  1. bath b) fridge c) sink

  1. My favourite …. is English.

  1. $food b) subject c) group

  1. Birds have got two …..

  1. noses b) tails c) wings

  1. Patty and Mary are twins. Their birthday is … May.

  1. on b) at c) in

  1. Sue has got … hair.

  1. black b) old c) tall

  1. I … in Moscow.

  1. live b) like c) love

  1. Five plus four is …

  1. seven b) nine c) eight

  1. Look! The baby is …… TV.

  1. watching b) watch c) watches

  1. You …… eat in $class.

  1. must b) mustn’t c) am

  1. My mum is an actress. …. films are fine!

  1. his b) her c) my

  1. I …… go swimming in winter.

  1. doesn’t b) isn’t c) don’t

  1. Choose the correct response.

  1. How can I h$elp you?

  1. I want to buy a souvenir.

  2. That’s a good idea.

  1. Whose basketball is this?

  1. $It’s Suzy’s.

  2. Her name is Suzy.

  1. When is the history lesson?

  1. It’s on Monday.

  2. It’s in room B.

  1. Where is she from?

  1. In London.

  2. From Russia.

  1. What have you got in your school bag?

  1. Red pencils

  2. I like red pencils.

  1. $What is your favourite season?

  1. In Spring.

  2. Spring.

C. Read the e-mail and mark the sentences T (true) and F (false).

Hi Jane,

$I want to tell you about myself. My name is Sally. I’m eleven years old and I’m English. My favourite subject is History. My best friend is John. I tell her all my secrets.

I live with my mum, my dad, my little brother and my grandma in a flat on the fourth floor. My dad is a pilot and he can speak French. He is very clever! My flat is very big. There are three rooms. My room is fantastic. I’ve got a great coin collection with coins from different countries.

Well, that’s all about me. Please write soon and tell me about yourself.



  1. Sally is from England. _____

  2. Sally’s best friend is Jack. _____

  3. Sally’s house is small. _____

  1. Her father is a pilot. ______

  2. She lives on the fifth floor. ______

  3. Sally has a card collection. _______

D*. Write an email to a new friend about yourself. Use the email in Ex. C to help you.



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