Конспект урока на тему «Великобритания»

Своя игра. «Великобритания»


Цели и задачи:

- обобщение материала по теме «Великобритания»;

- актуализация страноведческого материала;

- развитие творческих способностей и коммуникативных навыков;

- повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка у учащихся;

- формирование толерантности, уважительного отношения к культуре и традициям страны

изучаемого языка.

Ход игры с заданиями:

Ведущий: Hello everyone! I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine. Today we are going to talk about Great Britain. Do you know much about Great Britain? Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. Lets have a quiz and define the winner. Welcome! Lets start our competition.

1 тур – Блицтурнир.

Проводится ускоренный индивидуальный опрос с целью $определения лучшего эрудита. Ведущий: Lets start. Answer the guestions please. You will get yellow tag.

1.What is the official name of Great Britain ?

$2. What parts does Great Britain consist of?

3 What separates this country from Europe?

4. What is tartan?

5. How many languages are spoken in Wales ?

6. Where did the Beatles come from?

7. What is the kilt and who invented it?

8. What is the favourite hot drink in Britain?

9. What is the difference$ between English and Russian tea?

10.Who was called «An Iron lady»?

2 тур. Кто? Что? Где?

Ведущий: now is the second game. You may get blue tag (2 points)

1. This lady was the queen of Great Britain for the longest period in the English history.

$2. One Queen of Britain was on the throne for only 9 days. Who was she?

3. This lady is the present Queen of Great Britain.

4. This man is the Queens heir to the throne.

5. He is one of the members of the Royal family. But he is not a monarch. He is a qualified pilot.

3 тур. Что любит и не любит королева.

Ведущий: now our top$ic is The Queen likes and the Queen dislikes. You may get red tag (3 points)

1. Horse racing

2. Scottish country dancing

3. Jigsaw puzzles

4. Deerstalking

5. Bright red dresses

6. Champagne

7. Long-stemmed, dup-pink carnations

8. Quiet evenings at home

9. Sandringham

$10 .The Beatles film, Yellow Submarine

11. Tennis, including Wimbledon

12. Milk pudding

13. The cold

14. Charles Pickens

15. Cigar smoke

16. Sailing

17. Dictating letters

18. Listening to after di$nner

19. Ivy


4 тур

Ведущий: Lets continue. I wonder-what is the seventh city of the world Our topic is London. Lets speak about different places of interest of London. You may get green tag (4 points)

$1 .It is the historical of London and one of the biggest financial centres of the world.

2. This park is the largest one. It is one of the most popular places of Londoners.

3. It is wonderful building. The Queen Victoria Memorial is situated in front of it. The Queen of Greet Britain lives there.

4. It was a palace, a prison and the Kings Zoo Now it is a museum.

5. It is more than nine hundred years old.$ There are many monuments and statues there. It is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in London.

6. It is a long grey building with towers. The members of the British Parliament work in this lolling.

Ведущий: So you can see that the winner of our game is…So take our best congratulations.

Well, our game is over. Goodbye.

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