Методическая разработка урока английского языка с использованием технологии проблемного мышления "Problems of the Planet" для 10-11 классов

$План-конспект урока английского языка с использованием технологии проблемного мышления по теме «Problems of the Planet»

для 10-11 классов

Овчаренко Наталия Александровна

Преподаватель английского языка и литературы


Феодосийская специализированная школа I-III ступеней №2 с углубленным изучением английского языка им.Д.И.Ульянова

г.Феодосия, Республика Крым

Greetings: Good morning, dear boys and girls. I am very glad to see you.

Setting the topic$: What is the main theme of our lesson?

What are we going to speak about?

Look around. Can you guess what we’re going to do at our lesson?

Putting aims: So, the main aims of our lesson will be

  • to develop your listening and speaking skills;

  • to enrich your active vocabulary on the topic;

  • to practice your using the proper grammar structures.

$Today I will appreciate your quick thinking, fluent speaking and using proper grammar forms.

$Language work: What nouns (adjectives, verbs) do you associate with the topic of our lesson?

What grammar tense will you use to speak about past actions?

to speak about past actions with some result in the present?


Warming up: Representing a quotation written on the blackboard: “In the eyes of nature we are just another species in trouble…”

How do you understand these words?

Do you agree with this statement? What endangers people’s lives?

Who do you think should think about these troubles? (scientists, government, journalists, people of art)

Listening: Now you’ll see the video$ of the song of one of the pop-singers. The song also concerns the topic of our lesson. Look at the questions on the blackboard and read them. Make sure you understand them. You’ll have to answer them after you see the video and hear the song.

Reading the questions

Listening (3 min)

Answering the questions

Interaction: Speaking: So, what are the problems of the planet? Let’s reveal them

$But first, I’d like to draw your attention to the conversational phrases on the blackboard. They will help you to link your ideas and to order your arguments.

You may also use the material of your last home assignment (problems-causes-results-suggestions-effects)

Speaking: Air pollution

Water pollution


Destruction of forests


And what’s about Ukraine? Are there any ecological problems in our country?

Speaking: Ecological situation in Ukraine

Describing the photo: We spoke about people of art who often touch upon the environmental problems. Here is a photo $taken by a photographer from Britain.

The questions on the blackboard will help you to describe the photo.

Useful phrases$: in the centre Verbs: to show

Behind to give the picture of

At the top/bottom to reflect

In the foreground/background to reveal

Are such pictures typical for our town?

Pair work: You’ll be given the cards with the situation concerning the problems of pollution in Feodosia. Work in pairs and make up dialogues with your partner.

Those who haven’t got the card will discuss the ecological problems in Feodosia.

Voting: You’ve heard a lot about the Man’s actions which turned out to be harmful for the nature. But on the other hand,

the Man created a lot of beautiful and many useful things on the planet. So, who do you think the Man is? A creator? A destroyer?

Use your $voting cards and give your arguments. (+conversational phrases)

Reflection: Suggestions- Results


Is it too late for the humanity to hope for the best?

Do we have any chance to survive?

Project work: (in groups)

Work in groups Let’s imagine that you are working for the environmental protection groups (№1, №2)


Work out the name and the moto of your organization. Then discuss the question: “What invention should the humanity make to improve the ecological situation on the planet?”




Homework: Enterprise Coursebook; p.81;words of wisdom(1)-write a giving opinion essay

Список использованной литературы:

  • Enterprise 3: Pre-Intermediate: Coursebook, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Ex$press Publishing

  • «Разговорные темы», Гужва Т.М.- г. Харьков, «Фолио», 2003г.

  • Кочеткова И.К. Active Communication/Consulting Editor Dr. Mary Theis: Учеб. Пособие.- М.:Ин.язык, 2000.- 400с.


  • видеоклип с песней “ The Earth”, исполнитель М.Джексон

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