Урок английского языка в 8 классе по теме: «Дом, любимый дом»

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Урок английского языка в 8 классе


«Дом, любимый дом»

$Урок подготовила учитель английского языка

Алешина Наталья Петровна


Открытый урок в 8 классе

Тема: Home, Sweet Home


  1. активизация тематической лексики УМК в устной речи учащихся в диалогической и монологической форме в процессе развития информац$ионной коммуникативной компетенции школьников;

  2. тренировка РО I wish … в устной и письменной речи;

  3. воспитание потребности выражать свои мысли на английском языке;

  4. развитие умений и навыков учащихся на основе прослушанного текста;

  5. развитие устной речи на основе прослушанного текста.


  1. A warming – up activity.

T: The$ theme of the lesson is Home, Sweet Home. Today we’ll speak about the places where you live, we’ll listen to the text and work on it and, of course, we’ll review the structure I wish… and check up your homework.

2.Let’s start our lesson with the words which you know, I hope.

Translat$e the words from Russian into English.

  1. cosy /house/flat

  2. close/quiet/neighbours

  3. stairs

  4. floor/ on the ground floor/ on the 1st floor

  5. disturb

  6. /high/ ceiling

  7. central heating

  8. to leave litter/ in the staircase

  9. concentrate on/ focus on

  10. suburbs

  11. modern/region/house

  12. to hand

  13. compromise/ to find a comp$romise

  14. timetable

  15. lighting

  16. to share a room

  17. headphones

  18. to strain your eyes

  1. T: OK. I see you know the words quite good.

We live in different types of houses. And our own house is dear to our hearts.

  1. What types of houses do you know?

  2. Do you live in a detached house?

  3. Is it cosy to live in a semi-detached house? Why?

  4. What type of houses do kings or qu$eens live? Is it cosy to live in a palace? Why?

  5. If you are traveling, what types of houses are the most comfortable?

  6. What house would you like to live? Why?

I live in a small flat but it’s my own.

4. All of us have our own wishes. When we want to express them we use the structure I wish…

1)Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

I wish I lived not far from school.

I had quiet neighbours.

I didn’t strain my eyes.

He concentrated on his work.

They didn’t leave litter in the staircase.

My neighbou$rs didn’t disturb me.

My neighbours didn’t listen to loud music.

2) Let’s write our wishes on the board. Please give your examples. (Children dictate and write 4 sentences)

5. I want to know about your houses more. …come to the blackboard and answer the pupils’ questions. Ask the questions. (1 pupil).

6. Now tell me about your houses. (30 seconds to review) (1-2 pupils)

7. Thank you.

Do you have your own rooms?

Do you share your room with your$ brother or sister?

What is an Ideal room for you?

Your homework was to prepare the topic “My Ideal Room”. Let’s check up it. I give you 1 minute to review it. (1 pupil)

8. 1)Your answer is… Now listen to the CD and be ready to do the tasks and answer my questions. (6.1) You have the sheets of the tasks on your tables. You should read the tasks and choose the ri$ght answer. (Pupils read the tasks translating on their own.) Listen to the text very attentively. (1-2 times)

2) Let’s check up how you have done it. Raise your hands who has no mistakes. Well done.

But I have some more questions.

  1. What is the number of the house/ flat?

  2. Wha$t floor does he live on?

  3. How many people live in the flat?

  4. What is the rent of the flat?

  5. Was he born in London?

  6. Was his house big or small?

  7. Does he share his flat with 2 boys?

  8. Where do they study?

  9. What facilities do they have? (air conditioning, hot and cold running water, a washing machine, a tumble-dryer, a phone)

  10. What furniture do they have? (a TV, a sofa, a dining table, an aquarium…)

  11. What are they afraid of? (Their cat can eat the pl$ants.)

  12. Why does he laugh at the end?

  13. What is his hobby?

  14. What is the best place for drawing?

  15. Why is a laundry a better place for drawing? (Nobody disturbs him.)

3) Back Translation

1. He was born in a big house.

2. He moved up to London to study at a technical university.

3. He shares a flat with 2 boys. They rent a flat.

4. Their flat is small. There are 7 rooms in it.

5. It has hot and cold running water, air conditioning, central heating.

6. It is very cosy.

Thank you for the lesson. Your marks are…

Your homework is …


1) Учебник М.З. Биболетовой “Enjoy English” – 8 класс

2) Teacher’s book - 8 класс

3) Г.Г. Касимова “Поурочные разработки по английскому языку” - 8 класс. Москва, “ВАКО”, 2009 $г.

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