How Much Do You Know about Britain?

How Much $Do You Know about Britain?

1.The Union Jack is…..

a)the flag of the UK b)the flag of Scotland c)the flag of Wales d) the flag of England

2.The British Prime Minister lives at…..

a)12 Whitehall b)10 Downing Street

c)7 Russel Street d)15 Oxford Street

3. Whitehall is……

a) a street leading from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament

b) a big hall in the centre of London

c)a white palace near Trafalgar Square

d)the palace where t$he Queen lives in summer

4.The Great Fire of London broke out in…

a)1066 b)1766 c)1106 d)1666

5.Sir Christopher Wren built…

a)Buckingham Palace b)Westminster Abbey c) St Paul’s Cathedral d)the Tower of London

6.The National Gallery is in …..

a)Piccadilly Circus b) Parliament Square c) Trafalgar Square d) Leicester Square

7. Westminster is a ….. centre of London.

a)cultural b)political c)business d)industrial

8.Great Britain is separated from the continent by….

$a)the Pacific Ocean b)the Irish Sea c)the Bristol Channel d)the English Channel

9.Britain’s population is more than….million people.

a) 56 b)5,6 c)560 d)7

10.Th$ere are many farmlands in Britain, especially in the …..of the country.

a)north b)south c)west d)east

11.The head of State in Britain is ……

a)the Prime Minister b)the President c)the Queen d) the Speaker

12. 650 Members of the House of Commons are elected every … years.

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

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