Конспект урока для 4 класса «Description of body parts»

Date: 5.02.2015.

Form: 4

Theme: Description of body parts.

Aims: a) to learn to describe of body parts

b)to develop skills of speaking, writing

c)to educate pupils in quickness

Type of the lesson: combined

The plan of the lesson:

Warming up:

Good morning children!

Good morning teacher!

How are you?

I am fine thank you!

T: Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

P: I am on duty today

All are present.

$ Today is the 5th of February.

Check up home work:

Phonetic drill:

Hello!2 How are you?

Hello!2 How are you?

I am fine thank you! I am great!

I am wonderfull!


A head бас

A shoulder — иық

A knee- тізе

A toe — табан

A hand- қол

A leg- аяқ

Left- сол жақ

Right- оң жақ

Жекеше түрде қолданамыз This is a…

Көпше түрде қолданамыз These are…


This is my head.

These are my shoulders.

$ These are my ten toes.

These are my hands.

Ex:3 p23

R d h o l e s u – shoulder n k e e — knee

$G l e – leg o e t — toe

A n d h — hand e h a d – head

Describe your body:

P1 –This is my body

-This is my head

-These are my hands

P2 –This is my body

-This is my left leg

-This is my right leg

P3- My name is Anar. This is my body. These are my shoulders. This is my head.

This is my left hand and right hand.

Giving marks:

Giving home work: Ex 5 p 24

The lesson is over.

5 орта мектеп


Theme of the lesson: “Description of body parts”

Teacher: Пұсырманова Қ. Б.


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