Конспект урока для 5 класса "An Invitation Letter"

Разработка урока «An Invitation Letter» (5 класс, Биболетова М.З.)

Цели урока:

- актуализация навыков чтения и произношения,

- развитие навыков ауди$рования,

- ознакомление с новой лексикой по теме: «Мы собираемся путешествовать».

Оборудование: карточки с транскрипционными знаками.

Ход урока


-Good morning, children!

-I’m glad to see you.

II.Фонетическая зарядка

-First let’s practice the English sounds.

$And now I’ll show you the symbols of the English sounds and sound combinations and the task for you is to pronounce this sound and say three words with it. Look around and recall the English words.

III.Речевая разминка

-I’ve received a letter. You may ask the questions about it, for example, you can ask “ From whom did you get this letter?” And I’ll tell you. Let’s start our talk…

IV.Актуализация навыков $чтения

-And now, children, it’s time to read the invitation letter from our friends. Open the ex.1, page 24, please. Let’s read the task.

-Now read the text to yourself and find out the information we need.

Учитель предлагает детям прочитать письмо-приглашение из упр.1, стр.24 про себя.

-Now it’s time to check up how you have understood this text. I want you to answer the question.

V.Актуализация навыков аудирования и чтения.

-Now it’s time to listen to this letter. Let’s repeat the sentences all together. Read the letter in pairs now. Listen to your partner and correct his mistakes. Who wants to read this text aloud?


In $a cottage in a wood

A little old man at the window stood

Saw a rabbit hopping slow

Tapping at the door

Help me, help ne, help me, he said

Or the hunter will shoot me dead

Come little rabbit, stay with me

Happy you will be$

VII.Введение новой лексики и ее фонетическая обработка

-Now it’s time to learn some new words. Look at the blackboard, please. Can you translate these words? Let’s listen and repeat the new words after the speaker.

Слова на доске:



To be responsible for

To educate


To arrange


To invite


To stay



-Now I will raed the words in Russian and you will read it in English.

VIII.Первичное закрепление введенной лексики

-The next task for you is to complete the sentences on the blackboard using the new words.

Задание на доске:

1.Lets $discuss his…..

2.Who will be…. For the party?

3.What do you know about this ….programme?

4.How long will she…with us?

5.When did the….arrive?

6.Would you like t$o join our……football team?

IX.Актуализация лексико-грамматических навыков

-Now, children, let’s do ex.4 on page 25. The task to you is to translate a word combination and to make a sentence with it.

X.$Итог урока

-Our lesson is over. You will learn the new words at home. It was pleasant to meet you. Good-bye, boys and girls.

Домашнее задание: упр.4, стр.25 слова (наизусть)

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