Конспект урока для 5 класса «Have/has (got)»

$Сергеева Алина Александровна

МАОУ «Гимназия «Новоскул» г. Великий Новгород

Учитель английского языка

Упражнения для тренировки конструкции «Have/has (got)» для 5 класса

1. Put questions to the following sentences according to the model

Model: We had a wonderful party yesterday. – Did you have a wonderful party yesterday?

1. Some families have a pet cat.

2. Alligators have sharp teeth.

3. On her birthday she always has a birthday cake.

4. The house has tall trees all around it.

5. Each family has its own flat.

2. Make the following sentences negative.

Model: Peter has a baby brother – Peter doesn’t have a baby brother.

1. Butterflies have wings of many beautiful colors.$

2. Many dolls have names.

3. I have got some sugar.

4. I had a gift for mother.

5. Lucy has red hair.

6. We have much work to do today.

$7. John had a nice photo.

8. I have got some Italian friends.

9. My parents have got a very nice house.

10. Sally has got long hair.

Butterfly – бабочка Gift - подарок

Wings – крылья

3. Put the words in the correct order.

Model: have a nice car got they new – They have got a nice new car.

1. blue have small a car we got

2. dark has long Jane hair got

3. ears have big got elephants

4. green Sally long eyes has hair and got

4. Make questions with have/has got

Model: your mother/ car - Has your mother got a car?

1. she/a sister

$2. your parents/ a nice house

3. you/ a family

4. Mrs. Hawkins/ any children

5. you/ a TV

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