Конспект урока на тему "How to get a job"

Тема урока:«How to get a job»

Цели урока:

1 Обучающая:Совершенствование навыков говорения на основе прослушанного текста в конкретной речевой ситуации «Howtogetajob»

2 Развивающая: Развивать способности к общен$ию, логичности и доказательности.

3 Воспитательная: Воспитание деловитости и организованности


1 Обучать неподготовленному диалогическому высказыванию, на основе прослушанного текста

2. Развивать умение составления диалога по предложенной ситуации

2Формировать навыки логичности и доказательности в общении

3 Развивать способность ориентироваться в ситуации общения,

Оснащение: проектор, видео-аудио файлы

Ход урока$:

IРечевая подготовка

1. Организационный момент:

T: Good morning, my $friends!

P: Good morning teacher

T: I’m glad to see all of you today! At the previous lessons we were discussing many things concerning careers: we spoke about the importance of your future profession. Today we will continue this theme by discussing the topic “How to get a job”. So this time you will watch two educational films, after that you are supposed to make up a dialogue on how to behave during the interview.$

2. Речеваязарядка

This quotation told by George Allen :

The tougher the job, the greater the reward.”

T: Do you agree or disagree with quotation? Explain your choice please

P1: I agree with this quotation because I think that people can become successful when they work hard

T: Thanks a lot I see your point

P2: As for me? I think that quotation is wrong because many people work by hard all their life and have miserable salary.

T: Ok, thankyou!

T: Now I offer you make up sentences with the given words you may use several words in one sentence. (Appendix 1)

II Основнойэтап



T: The next thing for us to do is to watch video fragment about the job interview. $You will watch this video fragment twice and you should decide which tips are positive and which of them are negative educational film: “Good and bad interview”

T: So, while listening please pay attention to idioms, special phrases typical of a job interview ok? Write them down in the given tables(see Appendix 2)

Ok, you’ll be given 2 minutes to compare your results with the partner’s ones. The next thing we’re going to do is to sum up your ideas and to create our chart all together.

Did you find any special idioms or phrases? Could you please enumerate them? What can you say about video? Is itcontainpositive or negative tips?

P1: The video contains both negative and positive tips

T: Did you find any special idioms or phrases?

P2: Avoid speak about anything that would put you in a bad side

P3: Don’t speak about your weaknesses a lot

P4: You should say that you like challenges and obstacles and can solve them

$T: Thank you for being productive that was good.

So, we create our chart and now I’m going to give you role cards and you’re supposed to make up a dialogue. The pupils are given cards (see Appendix 3)

But before it let’s discuss what should we do first if you’re in an interview for a joband create a plan of dialogue ok?(see Appendix 3)

P1: First, we should greet employer and be very polite

P2: you cantell about yourself avoiding personal details

P3: you should tell about your strengths

T: ok, thank you now let’s speak about the role of employer in this process, what kind of questions should he/she ask you

$P1: Employer can ask you about your qualification

P2: he/she can ask you about your previ$ous experience in this area

P3: he/she can ask you about your personal qualities

T: Thank you for being productive. Now work in pairs Now, using your charts and typical phrases you should make up a dialogue of your own. Remember that you have only 10 minutes to do this task.

T: Ok, now I want you to change your roles P1 now is a deputy manager P2 is a middle-aged woman etc.

Учитель во время подготовки и проигрывания диалогов в парах слушает и корректирует работу учеников.

III Завершениеурока$

1 Подведениеитогов

Dear pupils, thanks a lot for such brilliant dialogues. It was a pleasure to listen to you. Your ideas were really interesting and creative. Thank you very much.

Before we finish our lesson, I’d like you to reflect a little bit. What new things have you learnt?

P1: We got to know how people should behave themselves if they want to get a job and how they don’t

P2: We got nice experience being in different situations today.

2. Домашнеезадание

T: That is the end of our lesson. I’d like to express my gratitude to you thank you for being active and productive today.

Your home task for the next time is to find the samples and the structure of a CV.

See you next time!



Appendix 1

  • offer job

  • become self-employed

  • provide inspiration

  • grow dramatically

  • get the sack

  • turn down an offer

  • do well

  • find something impossible

Appendix 2





Appendix 3

Dialogue’s plan





$Question about qualification


Question about previous experience

Question about working hours/duties



Question about your personal qualities/strengths or weaknesses


Express gratitude

Appendix$ 4

Role card 1 You are a deputy (помощник) manager in a big computer company.  You have to select a candidate applying for a well-paid job as an expert computer programmer.

Role card 2 You’re young man with a very good university diploma but without any job  experience but you desperately need this job

$Role card 3 You are a personnel manager in the trading company. You have to select a candidate applying for a job as a business representative

Role card 4You’re a middle-aged woman, single parent of a 4-year-old daughter, well qualified and with a lot of job experience but you can’t be full time worker because of your child but this job is well-paid

Role card 5 You’re owner a Chinese restaurant and your business is in the brink of ruin (награниразорения) you have to select brilliant chief in order to improve your financial state but don’t speak about your misery condition

Role card 6You want a job as a chief$ but you haven’t worked any restaurants yet$. Don’t tell your employer what your problem is. For the answers to questions, use your imagination.

Role card 7 You are a personnel manager in a big well-known fitness club. You have to select a candidate applying for a job as a yoga-instructor

Role card 8 You’re an attractive young woman with good qualifications but because of you bad temper you have to change your job very often try to persuade the employer that their club needs you

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