Конспект урока на тему "The history of creation of Hot Dog"

The history of creation of Hot Dog

Цель- необходимо сформировать знания об истории происхождения Hot Dog, закрепить эти знания через отработку заданий после текста.


1. Показать интересные факты из истории происхождения Hot Dog.


2. Закрепить понятие : frankfurters, dachshund ,Tad Dorgan.

3. Развивать способности к: целеустремленной работе; к самостоятельному труду; выполнение грамматических, лексических заданий; способности осуществлять репродуктивные речевые действия; выражать свое мнение по теме.

$T: Hello students! I am glad to see you! Answer my questions:

1-What do you see in the picture? (The picture with hot dog)

2-What kind of dog is it?

3-What will we discuss on the lesson?

Ch: 1-Hot dog

2-From dog?

3-We will say about “The Hot Dog”

T:Yes. We should study the information about “The Hot Dog” and make some exercises. I give you the text which is called “The hot dog”. We can translate it using word combinations for help.

Ch: Translating

T: Let’s make our work. You can see 4 sections. Each section has some exercises.

Section “Vocabulary”:

1-M$ake up the word combinations

2-Complete the definitions. Circle the letter of the correct answer

Section “Comprehension”:

1-Loking for main ideas

2-loking for details

Section “Grammar”:

1-Complete the sentences using the past tense

2- Complete the sentences using the future simple

Section “Discussion”:

Ch: Ok. Let’s start!

Teacher give the list of work everybody and students start work with teacher.

Section “Vocabulary”:

1-Make up the word combinations


















2-Complete the definitions. Circle the letter of the correct answer

1-The special bread used for a hot dog is a ___________




$2-Another word for to shout is to_________




3-A line of objects or people is a__________




4-When something is a cause of excitement, it is_________


a-an idea

b-a sensation

c-a hot dog

5-Large containers for water or other liquids, sometimes made of metal, are called________




$A funny drawing is a__________




Section “Comprehension”:

1-Loking for main$ ideas

Write the questions for these answers:


It was named after Frankfurt, a German city.

2- What_______________________________________________________

A dachshund is a dog from Germany with a very long body and short legs.

3- When_______________________________________________________

Dachshund sausages first become popular in New York.

4-How ________________________________________________________

Tag Dorgan got an idea for a cartoon.

2-loking for details

Ci$rcle T if the sentence is true. Circle F if the sentence is false. True False

1- Frankfurters were doctors in the United States in the 1950s T F

2- A dachshund is a dog with a long body and short legs. T F

3-At baseball games today you can see sellers walking around with T F

hot-water tanks.

4- A dachshund sausages first become popular in New York. T F

5-People got the sausage on special bread. T F

6-When Tad Dorgan saw the men with the dachshund sausages, he got T F

an idea for cinema.

7-Tad Dorgan drew a bun with a sausage inside. T F

8-The words under Tad Dorgan s cartoon were “ Get your hot dog” T F

Section “Grammar”:

1-Complete the sentences using the past simple

1-The hot dog (to be) the frankfurter.

2-As the man (to walk) up and down the rows of people.

$3-People (to like) hot dogs.

4-Men (to keep) sausage warm in hot-water tanks.

2- Complete the sentences using past passive voice

1$-Frankfurters (to sell) in the United State.

2- Frankfurters (to now) by Tad Dorgan.

3-Baseball game (to play) by teams.

4- Frankfurters (to call) a dachshund sausages by Americans.

Section “Discussion”:

Discuss the answers to these questions with your classmates

1-What are some popular food in the USA and in your country?

2-Are hot dog healthy for you? Why or why not?

3-What are some healthy food? What are some foods that are not so healthy?

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