Конспект урока по английскому языку “Счёт” 1 класс

План-конспект урока

по английскому языку для 1 класса.

УМК Jeanne Perrett “ Brilliant 1”

Aim: counting from 0 to 12.

Language focus: greetings (Hello! Hi! Goodbye! Bye!).

Vocabulary: numbers from 0 to 12.

Materials: flashcards (animals), cassette, stickers.

$1. Opener: revision (the animals, General Questions).

Give each child a flashcard and ask to answer the question:

Are you a…?”

Example: Teacher: Are you a tiger?

Student: Yes, I am / No, I`m not. I`m a …


2. Oral activity: (Ex. 7 p.16)

1) Tell the children they`re going to listen to a song, play the song with the children following in their books;

2) read the text aloud to the class, tell the children to repeat after me;

3) ask the children to read the text in turn;

4) the children $sing the song and do the actions with the cassette

Tapescript: Actions:

This is my friend, this is my friend. Hand to the right

Hello! How are you? Pretend to shake hands

This is my friend, this is my friend. Hand to the right

I`m fine, thank you! Point to yourself with both hands

Hello, hello, hello!

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye! Wave goodbye

Hello, hi!

Bye, bye, bye! Goodbye!

3. Relaxation.

Tell the children repeat after me and do the actions:

Stand up, sit down.

Clap, clap, clap!

$Point to the window,

Point to the door,

Point to the board,

Point to the floor.


4. Speaking: (Ex.8 p. 16)

1) Write the words for numbers 0-12 on the board, say the numbers slowly and ask the children to repeat the numbers in chorus;

2) ask the children to say the numbers around the class;

3) ask the children to count the numbers:

Example: – Count from … to …

5. Listening and writing: (Ex.9 p.16)

1) Tell the children to find the stickers for the activity;

2) explain they`re go$ing to listen Bertie talking about the different numbers ( the children should guess which number is talked about and put the sticker in the right circle);

3) play the cassette, stop it after “A”, check that the children`re doing the task correctly;

4) play the rest of the cassette;

5) check the answers with the whole class;

6) tell the children to write the numbers.


Bertie: Hello! I`m Bertie. Find the stickers.

A” is five. “A” is number five.

B” is two. “B” is number two.

C” is eleven. “C” is number eleven.

D” is twelve. “D” is number twelve.

E” is seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven.

6. HW: Exs. 6,8 p. 12.


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