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Текст слайда: Made by Urzhumcheva Olga, the student of the 8th form Tutor: Reshetnikova M. E., the English language teacher Pripolarny 2012

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Текст слайда: CONTENTS: My mind about perfect school. My ideal school. About myself. Mini essey.

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$Текст слайда: MY PERFECT SCHOOL! By my opinion school must be compulsory because it is a part of our life of each person. My school is not modern building, but as though it is not so I love it. At my school there is no special school uniform, pupils wearing what they want, but as for all school’s rules at my school$ the uniform is welcomed too. As for teachers and pupils there are good mutual relations. The teacher listens to ideas of pupils, and pupils can freely communicate with teachers. Such way we getting interesting communication and creative actions, fascinating lessons. Назад.

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Текст слайда: MY IDEAL SCHOOL. My ideal school should be in the newest building. Each class has special equipments for special subject and children study only this subject in this class. For example the English language’s class should be with various tables and adapted for a long subject studying. At school it would be possibility of making small lockers for textbooks, as it is in the American schools. Следующий.


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Текст слайда: Also it would be desirable that there would be a small lawn on the school yard with a green grass and benches. It would be a good reason to have resting during breaks in the fresh air. It would be great! Cabinets should be make more spacious and a concert hall must have a rather big stage and great numerous seats for spectators! Следующий.

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Текст слайда: Photos My Ideal School. Назад.

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Текст слайда: My name is Olga. My surname is Urzhumcheva. I am from Pripolarn$y -settlement. I am fourteen years old. My growth is one hundred and sixty five meters. Average I wear long hair of fair-haired color. Blue eyes. I am kind, a sociable girl. I am engaged dancing. I take a great interest in sport and I study not only at secondary school, but also in musical one. I like ballet and singing in chorus. I study well, I accept active participation in life of our class and school. I am clever and have a lot of friends. Of course I love them very much. Назад.

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Текст слайда: MINI ESSEY. Education is a process of no genesis due to the centralized training group of people during the certain period of time. Owing t$o formation people can adopt$ huge experience of knowledge and skills saved up by a civilization for all time of development. In ordinary understanding formation among other things means and, basically, is limited by training of pupils by the teacher. It can consist in training to reading, the letter, mathematics, history and other sciences. Teachers on narrow specialties, such as astrophysics or, zoological train only in the given subject, is usual at universities and other high schools. There is also a teaching of professional skills, for example, driving. Except for formation in special establishments there is also a self-education, for example, through the Internet, reading, visiting of museums or personal experience. Следующий.$

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Текст слайда: Thank you my dear friends for attention!

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