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Текст слайда:$ КОНКУРС ЛЮБИТЕЛЕЙ ЧТЕНИЯ Уже не первый год издательство Макмиллан предлагает учителям английского языка участвовать в конкурсе любителей чтения “Everyone loves a good book”. В этом году мой ученик Нугзар Гиголашвили (5-й класс) участвовал в этом конкурсе и занял 2 место. Процесс подготовки потребовал значительного времени, так как необходимо было прочитать 3 книги издательства Макмиллан, кратко их п$ересказать и оформить работу в виде презентации. Ребенок получил большое удовольствие от работы: во-первых, все книги издательства из серии Way Ahead Reader имеют аудиозапись, что весьма оживляет процесс и способствует пониманию сюжета. Во-вторых, впервые от ученика требовалось не только пересказать прочитанное и выполнить какие-либо задания по тексту, но и провести аналогии между сюжетом книги и окружением и образом жизни самого ребенка. Кроме того, в процессе подготовки презентации ученик освоил программу Power Point и научился многим аспектам работы с Интернетом. Я пол$агаю, что наиболее привлекательными моментами этого конкурса являются: 1.Попытка осмысления прочитанного через свой жизненный опыт, связывая сюжет книги с реальностью современного мира (даже если прочитанная книга – сказка). 2. Искусство кратко и емко передать сюжет книги 3. Возможность реализовать свои знания компьютерных технологий. Я предлагаю ознакомит$ься с работой моего ученика всем желающим

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Текст слайда:$ EVERYBODY LIKES SOME FUN The teacher Miss Smiley takes her class to the Funfair. All children enjoy it, but not Helen. She is frightened. She doesn’t want to go on the roundabout. She even doesn’t like to ride an elephant or a hippo! She is not interested in bumper cars – they are too noisy. The slide is also not for her! She would not like to try swing boats. The boats which go down the waterfall look scary. And she really hates the roller coaster!!!

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$Текст слайда: But she is very good at basketball. She wins many lollipops and everybody is really happy. Thanks to Helen. You should not make people do things they don’t like. Everyone can find something interesting. Diffe$rent people are good at different things. I like funfairs. I went there with my mum. Most of all I like rollercoaster and bumper cars, because all cars are great. Later I want to drive the car. ABOUT MYSELF SUMMARY

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Текст слайда: Sonia is in England. She writes letters home to her grandma …. Sonia made friends with the girl $called Jen. Jen has some rabbits and they are very nice Sonia loved the English holiday Guy Fawkes Night. She liked snow and snowmen. Sonia went on a school trip to the Queen’s home – Windsor castle. Grandma misses her very much and she has some great news, too. She can drive the car now!!! WRITING AND GETTING LETTERS IS VERY EXCITING

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Текст слайда: I think it’s g$reat to be friends with your grandma. She may tell you a lot of interesting stories about the past, about the place where you live, the people. She remembers some funny things about you – a little kid. ABOUT MYSELF Most of all I like the pictures. The best are the pictures of Jen’s rabbits and the horse Prince. I also love animals, but I want to have a dog. I sometimes write letters to my friend in Georgia. I love getting letters from him! SUMMARY

Слайд №6

Текст слайда: OLD TIMES Once upon a time a good and friendly Gian$t called Finn and his clever wife Una lived in Ireland. Suddenly they got some terrible news – an ugly and wicked giant came to the town and he wanted to find Finn. Finn was afraid $and wanted to run away, but his clever wife had some good ideas. She did not want to give up, to leave their home and their friends Una got ready to meet the giant and asked her husband to play the role of a baby. The wicked giant did everything Una asked him to do and understood that Finn was really very big and strong giant. And when he saw Finn in the pram he thought that it was their baby. He got frightened – if the baby is so strong, the father must look terrible. So he decided to leave the family in piece and go away.

Слайд №7

Текс$т слайда: ABOUT MYSELF SUMMARY Firstly, it is great if somebody in the family is clever and strong and knows what to do in difficult $situation. In the tales of different countries this person is often a woman. Secondly, people must not do bad things to other people. Neighbours should be friends and live in piece. I like tales. When I was younger my mum read Georgian and Russian fairy-tales for me. Now I can do it myself.

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