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Текст слайда$: Сычева Ольга Михайловна, учитель английского языка ГОУ СОШ №1168 г.Москвы

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Текст слайда: SEASONS

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Текст слайда: Autumn Winter Spring Su$mmer

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Текст слайда: Autumn Describe autumn, using the words: Warm Cool Rainy Windy Cloudy Changeable Weather Rain Leaves Bonfire September

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Текст слайда: Find autumn words Novembertreebonfirewindcloudskiteleavesrain November Tree Bonfire Wind Clouds Kite Leaves Rain

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Текст слайда: Complete. Then put the letters into the correct boxes and find the autumn word. C _ o u d s T r e _ _ u t u m n N o _ e m b e r K I t _ _ e p t e m b e r Autumn word L _ _ _ _$ _ l A v e e S e a v e s

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Текст слайда: Winter Describe winter, using the words: Cold Icy Snowy Frosty Sledge Ski Skate Play snowballs Make a snowman Play hockey New Year Christmas

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Текст слайда: Write the letters in the correct order. N a m w o n s L l a b w o n s E k a l $f w o n s S e t a k s e c I Y r a u n a j R e b m e c e d T e r w i n S n o w m a n S n o w b a l l S n o w f l a k e I c e s k a t e s J a n u a r y D e c e m b e r W i n t e r

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Текст слайда: Match. 1.The trees in the picture … 2.The snow on the ground… 3.The children on the ice… 4.The children near the snowman… 5.The snowman has got… a) haven’t got leaves. b) have got ice skates. c) black eyes. d) is very white. e) have got snowballs.

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Текст слайда: Spring Describe sp$ring, using the words: Warm Bright Cool Sunny Rainy Changeable Green leaves March

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Текст слайда: Write opposites. 1. Summer — 2. Hot — 3. Dark — 4. Warm — 5. Day — 6. Black — Winter Cold Light Cool Night White

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Текст слайда: Write questions for the answers. 1) Yes, it’s windy today. 2) It’s cloudy and rainy. 3) Green. 4) Spring. Is a windy today ? What is the weather like? What colour are the trees in spring? What season is it?

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Текст слайда: Prepositions of time. Complete. in, on, at … spring … Monday … the middle of April … the end of spring … 10th May … March … the beginning of spring in on in at on in at

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Текст слайда: Summer Describe summer, using the words: Hot Sunny Bright Play beach volleyball Tan Dive Surfboard Have a picnic Live in a tent Summer holidays

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Текст слайда: Word groups Find the odd one out. 1 autumn, spring, summer, weather 2 rainy, noisy, snowy, windy 3 beach, surfboard, snowflake, boat 4 golden, brown, yellow, leaf 1 autumn, spring, summer 2 rainy, snowy, windy 3 beach, surfboard, boat 4 golden, brown, yellow

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Текст сла$йда: What is the weather like in your area? Complete the sentences 1) It’s sunny in…. 2) It’s cold in… 3) It’ rainy in… 4) It’s snowy in… 5) It’s hot in… spring winter autumn winter summer

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Текст слайда: Complete the sentences. 1) …. is the third month of the year. 2) …. is the second month of the year. 3) …. is the first month of the year. 4) …. is the e$ighth month of the year. 5) …. is the eleventh month of the year. 6) …. is the twelfth month of the year. March February January August November December

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Текст слайда: Complete the sentences. 1) May is the …. month of the year. 2) July is the …. month of the year. 3) August is the …. month of the year. 4) October is the …. month of the year. 5) December is the …. month of the year. f i f t h s e v e n t h e i g h t h t e n t h t w e l f t h

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Текст слайда: Seasons

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