Сценарий мероприятия «Russian Olympic Games, how it was happened, how it will be»

Сценарий мероприятия

«Russian Olympic Games, how it was happened, how it will be»

Цели и задачи:

провести практику речевой деятельности, активизировать лексику на тему “Sport”,

– повысить мотивацию учащихся к изучению иностранного языка;

– р$азвить творческую фантазию и инициативу в осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности, а так же развития познават$ельных интересов учащихся;

– воспитывать у учащихся чувство уважения к спортивной истории нашей страны.

Оформление: плакаты, рисунки, праздничная атрибутика.

Presenter: (слайд №2)

Good morning guests. Today we want to speak about sport and the Olympic Games in Russia. We shall visit the past and the future. But first of all let’$s listen to historic information about the Olympic Games.

P.1. (слайд №3)

An athletic festival with competitions in music and poetry was held every four years on the island of Peplos in Southern Greece. The origin of these Olympics is shrouded in mystery and legend. One of the most popular myths identifies Heracles and his father Zeus as the progenitors of the Games. According to legend, it was Heracles who first called the Games “O$lympic” and established the custom of holding them every four years. A legend persists that after Heracles completed his twelve labors, he built the Olympic stadium as an honor to Zeus. Following its completion, he walked in a straight line for 200 steps and called this dist$ance a “stadion” (Greek: στάδιον, Latin: stadium, “stage”), which later became a unit of distance.

P.2(слайд №4)

The period between the games was called an Olympiad. The games were held in honour of Zeus, the principle god of the Greeks, who according to the legend lived on Mount Olympus. The festival lasted five days and become a symbol of peace friendship because in keeping with the decree of that time no wars should be waged during an Olympiad. The Olympic emblem is five interlinked rings:$ blue, yellow, black, green and red. Any national flag contains at least one of these colours. Nowadays the Olympic Games have become a wonderful tradition which helps to bring people$ closer together.

Presenter: Let’s turn to 1980’s when the Olympic Games were held in Moscow. (слайд №5)

P.3. (слайды №6,7)

The 1980 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXII Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event held in Moscow in the Soviet Union. In ad$dition, the yachting events were held in Tallinn, and some of the preliminary matches and the quarter-finals of the football (soccer) tournament were held in Leningrad, Kiev, and Minsk. The 1980 Games were the first to be staged in Eastern Europe. A total of 80 nations were represented at the Moscow Games. Women’s Hockey and few more additional events in judo and Weightlifting were adde$d to the Games’ Programmer. A total of 203 gold medals were available for contests in the Games. 74 Olympic and 36 world records were set in the Moscow Olympics.

The only two cities $to bid for the 1980 Summer Olympics were Moscow and Los Angeles. The choice between them was made on October 23, 1974 in the 75th IOC Session in Vienna, Austria. P.4. (слайд №8)

The most important feature of the relay was the torch. Work on it was begun A group of Leningrad engineers under the direction of Boris Tuchin constructed a model torch over a very short period of time in 1978. The cup and the screen were golden yellow w$hile the burner section and the handle were of a silvery shade. Dimensions of the torch: length— 565 mm, minimum diameter—27 mm, maximum diameter—100 mm. It could burn without a break for 48 hours. The right to carry the Olympic torch was considered to be a great honour.

P.5. On July, 18th 1980 relay race of Olympic fire has arrived in Moscow which has begun the way on June, 19th in ancient Olympia. On July, 19th at 16 o’clock on the Big sports arena in Luzhniki the ceremony of opening of Olympic Games has begun. The rig$ht to light Olympic fire has been entrusted the Moscow basketball player, the Olympic champion (1972) S.A.Belov.

P.6. (poster)This good-natured small animal has not been casually chosen by official talisman of Olympic games-80. Bear cub Misha – a successful embodiment of force and daring – the qualities simply necessary for sportsmen. He is a hero of Russian national fairy tales, a historical symbol of severe, but the fine Russian nature.

$ Presenter: The parting with the Olympic Games in Moscow perhaps is one of the most unforgettable events for the last years. Not only our sportsmen and spectators but also the foreign ones think so. Our Misha conquered the hearts of all people. Let’s sing Misha’s song a$nd remember how it was happened. (слайд №9)

It is quiter and quiter at the stadium

The bright time of the wonder has come

Good-bye our tender Misha

And come back to your fantastic home

Do not long better smile at parting

Recollect these days recollect

Wish desires to be executing

And new meetings you wish to$ perfect

All the Friends go away

There is in heart tenderness

Song we’ll save and protect

Good-bye and we’ll meet you again

Everybody wants wish you success

Endless good endless love we you wish

$The Olympic sonorous echo

Stay in poems in hearts, memory

Good-bye Moscow good-bye we’ll meet soon again

Fairy tale of Olympic farewell

Wish desires to be executing

$And new meetings of friends and sportsmen

All the Friends go away

There is in heart tenderness

Song we’ll save and protect

Good-bye and we’ll meet you again

All the Friends go away


Good-bye and we’ll meet you again

P. 7. ( слайды №10,11)

74 Olympic and 36 world records were set in the Moscow Olympics.

The biggest “crop” of medals on the Moscow Olympic Games was collected by a command of Soviet Union – 80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze medals. There was a merit of veterans and young athletes. The performance of woman runner Tatyana Kazankina, the thrower of a hammer Jury Sedyh, fenc$er Victor Krovopuskov, the fighter of a freestyle Soslan Andiev were named sports feat.

P.8 The powerful contribution to “coin box” of an Olympic team of the USSR was brought by sports youth. In unanimous opinion of experts, the hero of the Olympic Games in Moscow had been recognized Vladimir Salnikov, who won three gold medals and the established new world record in swimming by a freestyle on 1500 m. The master of rowing on kayaks Vladimir Parfenovich and gymnast Alexander Ditjatin became champions three times.

$P.9. Here are our champions of the Olympic Games 1980

TATJANA Kazankina (слайд №12)

Champion of XXII Olympic Games in running on 1500 m. the Deserved master of sports of the USSR.

$ JURY Sedyh (слайд №13)

Champion of XXII Olympic Games in a hammer throwin$g. The deserved master of sports of the USSR.

VLADIMIR Parfyenovich (слайд №14) became the first sportsman to win 3 gold medals in Canoeing in a single Games.

Triple champion of XXII Olympic Games in Canoeing. The deserved master of sports.

ALEKSANDER Dityatin (слайд №15) became the first athlete in the Olympic History to win 8 medals in a single celebration. He achieved this feat in Gymnastics by winning 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze. Highlights of the Games included the virtuoso gymnas$tic displays of A.Dityatin, who won 8 medals, including gold in the team events, the individual event and the rings event. He also won silver medals in parallel bars and pommel horse, and the bronze medal in the floor exercises.

$Absolute champion of XXII Olympic Games on sports gymnastics. The deserved master of sports of the USSR.

VLADIMIR Salnikov, (слайд №16) who won 3 gold medals in the 400 m freestyle, 4x200m relay and 1,500m. 8 years later, he made an extraordinary comeback by winning the 1,500m again! The son of the sea captain was nicknamed the “monster in the waves”. The man from St.Petersburg became the first to swim the 800m freestyle in under 8 minutes and remained unbeaten in 61 finals un$til 1986.

Triple champion of XXII Olympic Games in swimming by a freestyle on distances of 400 m, 1500 m and in relay race 4х200 m. the Deserved master of spor$ts of the USSR.

Soslan Andiev (слайд №17)

Champion of XXII Olympic Games on free-style wrestling in weight over 100 kg. The deserved master of sports of the USSR.

Presenter: Many people all over the world are interested in sport. Sport helps people to stay healthy and makes them more organized and better discip$lined in their daily activities. They have always paid great attention to sport in our schools. You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sport ground.

– Sasha, are you interested in sport?

– Of course, I am.

– What sport do you play?

– In summer I go swimming and I play football and basketball. In winter I usually skate.

– Are there any sports that you don’t like?

– I hate boxing. It’s full of violence.

– Which sports are you really good at?

$- I think that I’m very good at swimming.

We have a lot of sportsmen in our school. Oh, yes, everybody in our school knows our champions. They are – Osipov Dmitr$y, Timofeev Andrew….

Our champions sing a song “We are the champions”

And these are the smallest sport lovers of our school.

P.10- I go out cycling every day,

I get strong and hart that way,

P.11- And I play football at weekends,

With all my other healthy friends.

P.12- We like to run and swim and walk

Let’s move around, no time$ to talk!

P.13- So we enjoy sport anyway,

We love to do sport every day.

P.14- If the weather is OK,

We can go fishing all the day.

P.15- We can jog around the park,

It’s very good for the heart.

P.16- Yes, we like to swim and run and walk,

Let’s move around, no time to talk!

P.17- So we enjoy sport anyway,

We love to do sport every day.

Children sing a song “Clap your hands tog$ether”

$Presenter: Well, do you like to see the future? (слайд №18)

P.18. (слайды №19,20,21,22)

Located between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, Sochi is Russia’s biggest summer resort and a popular winter resort. And now Sochi is official 2014 Winter Olympics Host city!

P.19. Sochi-2014 »will aspire to spend innovative Olympic games which will serve positive changes in a modern society, will show to the$ world new Russia and will inspire millions fans of sports».Winter Olympic Games will pass in a city-resort of Sochi in 2014. The Russian city has bypassed Phenchhan with overweight in four voices. In Russia Olympic Games by winter kinds of sports will pass for the first time. I think the Olympic Games become the real holiday not only for Russians, but also for all those, who will arrive to Sochi – sportsmen and spectators»

Presenter: Do you know who will be the sport stars in Sochi? ($слайды № 23,24)

Dear friends, we hope you have got much pleasure and fun and at the end $of our meeting let’s sing the hymn of Sochi. (слайды25,26,27,28)

The red white and dark blue heavens show the way

With us together is Russia we vote for today

And all planet tell about it any can with you

Games which we have deserved together with you- (twice)

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