Сценарий спектакля к сказке “Красная Курочка” 2 класс

The Little Red Hen.

This is the little Red Hen. Her name is Jen or Jen the Hen She is very clever.
She has got a family. She has got three little children, three little chickens.
Chickens: I am a daughter.
We are sons.
Hen: (sing a song) Chuck, chuck. oh. my chickens
$ Chuck, chuck. chuck. chuck, oh
Little, lovely, Fluffy chickens.
White and yellow little chickens
Jen the Hen has three friends: a cat, a dog, a duck,

Dog; I am very big. I live in a doghouse
My name is Tug or Tug the Dog

Cut; I am a cat. I am grey and big
I live in Green street.
My name is Pam or Pam the Cat.

Duck: I am brown and big
I am a good swimmer.
I live near the lake,
My name is Chuck. or Chuck the Duck

One day Jen the Hen says:

H$en: l’ve got five seeds. I want to plant them.
I know how to have many seeds.

(К цыплятам) Children! Let’s go to our friends.
So she goes to see her friends.

Hen: Hi. Pam! How are you? I want to plant some seeds. Can you help me?

Pam: I’d love to, but I am not well to-day . I can’t help you. I can’t work, but I can play.

( c мячом$ убегает со сцены)

So Jen the Hen goes to Tug the Dog.

Hen: Hello. Tug! Are you fine? I want no plant some seeds.
Can you help me?

Dog: I’m fine but I don`t like to work. I like to play.

( уходит$ с футбольным мячом)

So Jen the Hen goes to Chuck the Duck.

Hen: Glad to meet you, my friend.
Can you help me plant some seeds?

Duck: Oh, no. I am sorry, I can’t. We like to swim and play there.
And we don’t like to work. (c кругом)

(Втроем кружатся и поют песню)

$So Jen the Hen goes to her chickens and says:

Hen: I’m very sorry but my friends are very lazy.
Can you help me?

Chickens: Of course we can. With great please.

They love their mother and they help her plant the seeds. They do it very well.
(Копают лопатками, лейкой$ поливают, сажают зерно)

Now Jen the hen has got many seeds. She knows how to make bread for her
children and friends. She wants them to help her. But they are lazy.

Pam: I don’t want to help you make bread.
$ I want to jump.

Dog: I don’t want to help you make bread.
I want to run.

Duck: I don’t want to help you make bread.
I want to swim.

Hen: What a pity!

She goes home.

Hen: I’m very sorry, my friends are very lazy.
They don‘t want to help me make bread.

Children: Oh, don’t worry, dear Mummy.
We can help you.

Hen: Let’s go and begin make bread.

Jen the Hen and her children are ti$red, but happy, the bread is ready. The bread is
on the table. Jen’s friends come in. They see the bread and they are hungry and
want to eat it.

Duck; We see the bread on the table.

Dog: I am as hungry as a Hunter.

Cat; We want to eat it.

Hen: You are right. The bread is nice. But you are lazy. I don`t want
to give the bread to you. I want to give the bread to my little chickens.
They are very, very nice. They are not lazy. They always help me.
( Даёт им хлеб. Остальные уходят )


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