Тес по английскому языку для 5 класса

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5 класс

$ An actress, a doctor, a secretary, a vet, a bank manager, a policeman, a driver,

an engineer, a pilot

(a bank manager) 1). He gets up at half past seven every day, has breakfast at 8 o’clock and starts work at half past nine. He works in an office. He has two secretaries and two telephones. He likes people and mathematics. He is …

(a policeman) 2). He wears a uniform and often works in the streets of towns and cities. He helps people if they have some problems: can’t find their way in the city or ask for some other information. He is brave and strong because his profession is sometimes very dangerous. He is …

( a secretary )

3). She works in an office. She is never late for her work because her boss doesn’t like it. She answers telephone calls and sends letters and faxes. Sometimes she brings coffee or tea for her boss or his guests and visitors. She remembers everything that her boss must do every day. She is …

( an actress ) 4). She lives in a big city. She is very talented and loves music$. She doesn’t like to get up early because she often comes back from work late at night. She is always pleasant and good — looking at work. People enjoy her work but they don’t know how tied she is sometimes. She is …


Exercise 1

Прослушай 4 текста, догадайся и напиши названия профессий этих

$ людей. Воспользуйся словами в скобках:

(An actress, a doctor, a secretary, a vet, a bank manager, a policeman, a driver,

an engineer, a pilot)

Exercise 2

Вставь пропущенные буквы в слова:

$ a ra…ny seaso… a w…ndy day a dark cl…ud

a f…ost… wint…r a fo…gy morn…ng a bright r…inb…w

whit… sno… a blue …ky a strong wi…d

a shin…ng s…n a h…t even…ng gre…n sum…er

Exercise 3 Подбери подходящее слово:

1. I was wet because I walked in … weather without an umbrella.

$ a. sunny b. rainy с frosty

2. In winter it usually … snow much in Great Britain.

a. isn’t b. doesn’t с aren’t

3. If s … to have a picnic in such fine weather.

a. strange b. pleasant с stupid

4. Camels like … climate.

a. wet$ b. changeable с dry

5. Penguins … swimming in cold water.

a. hate b. enjoy с attend

6. In the jungle there are a lo$t of great … .

a. people b. snakes с white bears

7. It … rains on the Moon.

a. always b. often с never

8. If it rains heavily for a long time the English say: «If s raining cats and … ».

a. kittens b. dogs с mice

Exercise 4 Напиши эти предложения в отрицательной форме:

  1. $ The weather in Britain is always fine.

  2. $ There are grey clouds in the sky.

  3. It snows much in winter here.

  4. I like walking outdoors in cold rainy weather.

  5. I took my umbrella because it rained.

Exercise 5 а) Прочитай отрывок:

My grandfather is a very interesting man. He lived in many places and he had different jobs. When he was 20 he became a sailor (моряк) and traveled a lot to different countries. Then he decided to study medicine and worked as a doctor for some years in a small town. He enjoyed his work very much.

He loved reading in his free time and soon he got interested in literature very much. He knew and saw a lot and wanted to write about it in his books. First he wrote short stories for newspapers and magazines. He wrote about the life of fishermen and sailors, farmers and drivers, teachers and doctors. He told his readers about the people who work hard, who love their country and want to be happy.

$Now he is busy (занят) working on his new book about wild life and animals of different countries.

b) Отметь предложения, соответствующие содержанию ( + /-):

  1. My grandfather worked on a ship.

  2. He visited many countries.

  3. My grandfather was a captain when he was 20.

  4. $ My grandfather studied medicine in a small town.

  5. He loved the profession of a doctor.

  6. His hobby was writing poems.

  7. People could find his first stories in newspapers.

  8. He wrote stories about travels and adventures.

  9. He loved the people whom he described (описывать) in his stories.

  10. His new book is ready (читается) $now very well.

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