Тест для 3 класса по английскому языку

NAME$_________________________________ DATE____________


1) Прочитать текст и поставить правильный ответ по тексту.

It is cold. It is snowing. It snows every day because it is winter. But I am not cold today because I am wearing an overcoat, gloves, trousers, warm sweater and my winter boots. My friend Mike is wearing the same. He likes to play hockey. He asked me to go with him to skate and play hockey. I think I will not go with him. It is so because my other friend Mary invited me to go to the cinema. She likes to wear skirts and blouses and to watch films very much. I like to watch films too. I also like to play snowballs in winter and swim in summer$.

My friend Mike has birthday in spring, Mary has birthday in summer. I have birthday in summer too. We usually invite each other to our birthday parties. There we play games, dance, and eat different tasty things.

Now I am getting ready to meet spring. I like spring because I like sun, birds and new flowers. And in summer I will go to my grandparents whom I love very much. Mike. Mary. I.




2) Поставить требуемый вспомогательный глагол.

I always go to the Zoo with my friends? (do does)

Who … playing in the park now? (is are)

What … you cook tomorrow? (am will)

What game … you play yesterday? (did was)

How many trees … there in the garden? (do are)$

3) Обозначить перечисленные предметы одним словом.

Winter, spring, summer, autumn –

Apple, peach, plum, orange –

Cucumber, tomato, potato, onion –

Mother, father, I, sister –

The Keys.













Watching films

Watching films, playing snowballs


Overcoat, gloves, trousers, sweater, winter boots

Skirts, blouses

Overcoat, gloves, trousers, sweater, winter boots

2) do, is, will, did, are

3) seasons, fruit, vegetables, family

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