Тест для 6 класса “Еда”

Тест по теме «Еда», 6 класс

1. Pepperoni is …

А) a fruit

B) a vegetable

C) a sausage

2. Carrots are …

A) orange

B) red

C) green

3. In the vegetable soup …

A) there is no meat

B) there are no vegetables

C) there is no salt

4. People never drink tea with …

A) milk

B) sugar$

C) butter

5. In fruit salad you don’t put …

A) apples

B) bananas

C) cucumbers

6. A hot dog is …

A) cheese and ham

B) bread and a sausage

C) chicken and bread

7. Gravy is …

A) a kind of dessert

B) a sauce made from meat juices

C) a special beverage

8. Salad-dressing is …

A) a special dish,consisting of different vegetables

B) a salad topping

C) a mixture of oil,vinegar,salt,mayonnaise

9. A scone is …

$ A) a kind of biscuit

B) a drink

C) a sauce

10. Tea is usually drink with …

A) hot milk

B) lemon

C) cold milk

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