Тест на тему “School Life”

$Test School Life English IV

Choose the right answer:

1)Peter Brown is … little boy who is nine. a) a b)an c)the d)- 2)He lives …a small town and goes …Cedar Grove School. a) at/in b) in/ to c) on/after d)in/at 3)This school …not very big. a) are b) am c)were$ d) is 4)Pupils …5 …11 years go to the school. a) from/ to b) at/in c) into/of d)before/on 5)They …ten comfortable classrooms at school. a) to have b) have c) has d)has not 6)There …a big beautiful hall on the second floor. a)is b) are c) am d)were 7)The school is far from Peter Brown’s house so Peter goes to school …school bus. a) by b)on c)at d)with 8)He …classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. a) to have b) has c) have d) to have not 9)The pupils at Cedar Grove School have many subjects …their timetable. a)in b) at c) on d)with 10) They …English, Maths, Handicraft, P.E., History, Music, Art and Reading. a) was b) am c) is d) are

11)The pupils learn how to read, count, write, draw and how to get on …other children at school. a) with b)at c) in d)after 12)But children usually …a lot of time outdoors. a) spends b) to spend c) spent d) spend 13)They often …different museums and other famous and important places. a) visited b) visits $c) visit d)to visit 14) Before and …classes pupils often play different games. a)in b) after c) at d)with 15)Peter …his school very much. a) $like b) don’t like c) likes d)to like

16) The teacher’s table isn’t next to the door,…? a) isn’t it b)is he c) is it d) isn’t she 17) The blackboard was brown,…?

a)wasn’t it b) was it c)were they d) wasn’t he 18) Kamila can speak English well,…? a) can’t she b) can she c) can he d) can’t it 19) There are lots of copybooks in your bag,… ? a)are there b) aren’t there c)are they$ d)aren’t you 20) Helen is never late for her English classes,…? a) is it b) isn’t he c) isn’t she d) is she

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