Тест по английскому для 7 класса

7 Form. I term


I. Open the brackets

1)- What you (to do) at 9 o’clock tonight?

- I don’t know yet. Probably I (to watch) TV.

2)- When I ( to be) younger I ( to prefer) bananas but now I ( to eat) only apples.

3) When you (to come) to see us? - I (to come) tomorrow if $I (not to be) busy.

4) Where Tom (to be)?-He (to go) home. He (to leave) the room a minute ago.

5) When morning (to come) the storm (to stop) already.

6) By this time he (to take) his exam.

7) I hope the rain (to stop) before we have to go.

II. Use Complex Object

1) Я не заметил, что он покинул квартиру.

$ 2) Мама ожидает, что мы приедем завтра.

3) Мы видели, как он переходил улицу.

4) Он бы хотел, чтобы мы учились.

5) Я слыш$у, как он поет.

III. Give the plural

gas, waltz, fish, mouse, ox, swine, comedy, loaf, roof, key, potato, hero, story, sky.

IV. Use the proper article

1) …dictionary is a reference book.

2) Put…butter on…table.

3) He is…pilot.

4) Have you tasted…soup?

5) …sun is very high in…sky.

6) What…nice weather.

7) It’s…book he advised me to read.

8) Mum! Don’t go to…school!

V. Complete the sentences

1) He is a farmer and gets…early.

2) It’s time to get….to business.

3) The lady got…the bus and got…the car.

4) Does he get…well with his friend?

$5) She was turning…the pages without reading.

6) It turned…that he was a rude boy.

7) She turned the room…. …

8) In winter the water turns…ice.

VI. Translate

грубый, потом, старомодный, осуществлять, быть разочарованным кем-то, полезн$ый, наоборот, с одной стороны, по-моему, современный, я не уверен, почти.

VII. Give 4 forms of the verbs

drink fight realize show run

blow catch stop win rise

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