Урок для 10 класса по теме: “What is hot with the young generation?”

Учитель английского языка: Залилова Ляйсан Шаукатовна

Тюменская область, ХМАО,

г. $Нефтеюганск

МБОУ «СОШ № 5 «Многопрофильная»

Открытый урок в 10 А

Тема: What is hot with the young generation?

Имя: How much are hippies in Russia like hippies in Britain?


  1. Знакомство с жизнью хиппи в Британии и России, с реалиями их жи$зни.

  2. Развитие способности к сравнению и обобщению, развитие навыков чтения с детальным пониманием содержания и извлечением конкретной информации, формирование грамматических навыков говорения (предлог like и союз as).

  3. Формирование уважительного отношения к представителям различных групп.

Оборудование: мультимедиа, картинки с изображением различ$ных субкультур, раздаточный материал, учебник.

Ход урока.

  1. Организационный момент. (Greeting. Aims)

Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. How are you, Dinar? How are you doing, Sasha? How $are you getting on, Tanya?

I’m happy to hear it.

Well, let’s start our lesson.

During several lessons we have been talking about different subcultures. And today we’ll speak about one of the first subcultures in Great Britain and in Russia – about hippies.

Now look at the screen and listen what you are going to do today.

On the screen:


  • to learn about hippies and their life in Britain and Russia;

  • $ to read the texts about hippies for specific information and understand them for detail;

  • to compare th$ings and speak using like or as;

  • to make notes.

  1. Фонетико-речевая разминка.

Now before doing all these things we should remember the meaning of the word “subculture”. What are the main features that make subcultures distinct from others? (На доске собирается ромашка).

What subcultures do you$ know? (учащиеся называют субкультуры, которые знают).

a) Now I’ll show you pictures of different subcultures and your task is to guess who they are and say what you know about them.

b) One of the main features is music. So let’s remember styles of music. (ученики называют стили музыки, которые они знают).

You can see some of them on the screen.

Now I want you to listen to some extracts of music.

You must guess what musi$c styles they belong to and who can listen to this music.

( e.g. It’s punk rock. I think punks can listen to it.).

Well done! I see you are experts in music.

c)And the last thing that we must remember is using like and as.

What is the difference between like and as?

Try to find mistakes in these sentences if there are some. (на экране – предложения).

Now listen to me and agree or disagree $with me.

  • Russian teens, like British teens, listen to techno music.

  • Like punks, bikers dye their hair.

  • You listen to classical music as your parents do.

  • British children, like Russian children, read a lot.

  • Rockers rebel against the society as punks do.

  • Skinheads are emotional like emos.

  • Bikers listen to reggae as Rastafarians do.

  1. Проверка домашнего задания.


Now it’s time to check your homework. Your task was to tell abo$ut one of subcultures. And the class must guess who you are telling about.

  1. Работа в группах.

Now you are going to work in groups. Turn around to each other.

  • Imagine that you are experts in knowing different subcultures. I’ll give out the pictures of subcultures. Your task is to find common features. Use the preposition like or the conjunction as.

I give you 5 minutes for preparation. Then each member of the group must say 2 or more sentences.

  1. Знакомство с субкультурой хиппи (работа с текстом).


a) дотекстовый этап

Look at the following picture of hippies. Do you know anything about them? Quickly make notes about anything you can think of. (учащиеся делают заметки о внешнем виде и занятиях хиппи$).

There are some notes made by a student before writing a composition about hippies. Read his word web. Compare your notes and a student’s word web. What is similar?

b) Текстовый этап.

Now read the composition.

The paragraphs are not in the right order. Which paragraph is the introduction? Which paragraph is a good conclusion? Put them in the right order. (Учащиеся получают текст о хиппи).

Учащиеся выполняют задание по расстановке абзацев $в правильном порядке (1e, 2d,3c,4a,5b).

Find the main idea in each paragraph.

And now open your books on page 84. Here you see a short text about hippies in Russia. Read the text to yourselves and then we’ll continue our work. (Учащиеся читают текст в течение 3 минут).

c) послетекстовый $этап

Compare these two texts. How much are hippies in Russia like hippies in Great Britain? Make sentences using like or as. (Учащиеся приводят примеры сходства).

P1: Like hippies in Britain, hippies in Russia had thei$r best time in the 1970s.

P2: Russian hippies tried to show an alternative to corruption and moral crisis as British hippies did.

P3: Russian hippies had communities like British hippies.

P4: Russian hippies are more socially active like British hippies.

  1. Самостоятельная работа.

And the last task for you is to write a mini-quiz.

  1. $ Объяснение домашнего задания.

Now write down your homework.

Teenagers in Russia like teenagers in other countries easily get into dangerous situations. How can it happen? You will find it out doing Ex 9 (1-3) in your Readers (p 38-39).

VIII Подведение итогов.

$ Now our lesson is coming to the end. Let’s draw a conclusion. Look at the aims on the screen and say if we reached our aims today. What have you learned today? What was interesting for you?

You worked very well today. Tanya’s mark is excellent. Sasha gets five. И т.д.

Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work. Good bye!

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